Send Supplies Directly to Employees' Homes with Ease

Send essential equipment and new hire welcome kits to remote employees from one centralized platform.

Streamline Your Process...

No More Expense Reports

One Centralized Platform

Visibility into Employee Spend

OfficeLuv combines hundreds of vendors into one platform. Find tech equipment, welcome supplies & swag all in one place.

Or reimbursements, or tedious payroll updates. Receive one monthly invoice, with payment terms, through OfficeLuv.

Instant reporting tools provide visibility into spend per category, employee, and more.

"OfficeLuv has made our remote workplace support incredibly seamless - it is easy to provide the items that our staff needs without any hassle."

Ani Bradberry


...And Prepare Remote Employees For Success

Personalized Experience 

Home Office Improvements

Increase Retention

With the help of our in-house sourcing experts, you can curate a product catalog tailored to your company's needs.

Assign new hires a shopping stipend to spruce up their home office space, leading to more productivity.

Great employee onboarding can increase retention by 82%. A smooth product delivery can go a long way. 

Studies show that desk-workers were more likely to be productive than those working from another home location; over 40% of remote employees reported working from a dining table, couch, bed, etc.

Deliver Essential Equipment:

Order necessary devices and equipment

Coordinate shipment of laptops from IT department to new employee

Tracking dashboard to oversee all deliveries

Employee stipends allow each new hire to shop for their own home-office needs

Cover all your bases with pre-curated categories and complementary checklists of new hire needs 

Send New Hire Welcome Kits:

Swag, snacks, and more to welcome new hires

Choose from ready-to-ship welcome kits or build your own fully customized box

Encourage virtual team-building with snack kits or happy hour supplies for the whole team

Store excess inventory of branded products to ship as needed

Gift new hires with a shopping stipend to spend on swag, supplies, or self-care items of their choosing

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